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Our company’s goal is to bring these soap maker’s art right into the lives of every modern woman while helping preserve and make traditional soap making alive. We are determined to bring the best of European soap making to the world and at the same time support the livelihood of our soap makers.
"The art of living well is finding time to relax and to pamper yourself" We at Ephesus Co. aim to bring the ultimate spa experience right in your own home. In these times, investing in your well being is more than ever. Our company’s candles and soaps are made from finest and natural ingredients that are pleasing to your senses.Our soaps are 100% handmade from olive oil by the local soap makers of Ephesus, Turkey and our candles are 100% handmade by local candle makers in Los Angeles, USA.Candles are essential soothing & element that is the perfect companion of soap when it comes to relaxation. We offer our product to bring out the goddess in you.With these, we thank our local soap makers in the Mediterranean region and our local candle makers in the USA. Their traditions, skills and talents give us the opportunity to bring the ultimate mind, body and soul treatments right in your own bathroom.Celebrate life, Experience Love, Share Laughter.


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